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It seems like things are starting to look up 😀

I had the most awesome conversation with Son#1 on the herringbone last night and he sounded like he was actually content. He was neither up nor down, but calm, in a matter-of-fact kinda way. He told me that he’s had good feedback from the counselors on his last 2 days at the clinic – that he’s been working really hard on facing some difficult issues and making some headway.

Mmk, I don’t know if that’s all true (I’ll find out tomorrow when we have another Family Session), but I felt some peace in his voice for the first time in ages and that has to be a good thing right? Aaah, my boy … I love you so much baby.

I had a fantastic sleep last night – passed out at about 10.30, slept right through and woke up at 6am this morning (that’s sparrow fart to me). I was determined not to hit those snooze buttons and to get a jump start on my day … and I did it!! No snooze buttons, no sleeping in woohoo!! (Thanks to @YellowLlama and @PaulJohnston for tweeting with me to keep me awake hehe) I’ve now added a whole extra hour onto my Wednesday 🙂

And I’ve just eaten a HUGE frog. Seriaas.

Yip, I looked at all the things I needed to do today and chose the one that looked like the crappiest, goriest, most unappetizing task on my list and NAILED it!! Whew – feels great 🙂

According to Brian Tracy, author of Eat That Frog!, if you get the worst job over and done with FIRST, then all the rest is a breeze … the thing that’s causing you the most stress is a thing of the past, no longer playing on your mind and you are free to give everything else the attention it deserves.

Let me tell you – it works!! I have massive amounts of work and personal stuff to get through today but that’s a huge weight off my shoulders already and I’m feeling the strengthening effects of that. Pretty cool hey?

Another reason for things starting to look up is that we now have a shortlist of candidates to start interviewing so it won’t be long until I have a full team in place again. YAAAY!

I’ve also made some potentially brilliant business contacts (via Twitter ‘n stuff), so that’s awesome and I’m looking forward to forming some great relationships on that front.

And even MORE good news … my new Personal Assistant, JOC, flies out from London TONIGHT!!! Yessiree! She’s on her way and I’m so damn happy, I could just about bust my foo foo valve 😀

*fires up iTunes and chooses a random rock mix*