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See those lights on the right? They’re red.

They are supposed to be GREEN dammit!

This is, er hem, *affectionately* known as the Red Ring of Death!!
(or RROD for short)

And it’s FAR worse than the Windows blue screen or the Apple bomb …

This is a hardware issue and means that I now have dig around for the receipt (somewhere!!),
then spend gawd-knows-how-long on the phone to Microsoft, talking to some dumb-ass chick
who will keep me on the line for about 45 minutes, all so that I can get one stupid little
reference number. Then I have to schlep all the way out to Makro and convince them to either
repair or replace the thing. Yeah … I’ve had to do this before.

So now, that’s a 100% fail rate in our house – all 3 consoles FUXORED 🙁