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An eventful night it’s been!

I had to take Son#1 back to the clinic just now … I’ve been on the phone to his dad to update him on the story and get his input on how to handle things.

Luckily Son#2 was fast asleep during all of this and was spared the drama.

The counselor will see Son#1 first thing in the morning and after that well, I’m not sure if they’ll allow him out again this weekend.

I’m distraught … sitting here alone in the dark, feeling so helpless and sad and afraid.



UPDATE: 09/08/08 8:20am

In the light of day, looking back at last night, I realise this:

I’m such an IDIOT!! Why the fuck did I leave alcohol in the house??!!! I feel so stupid!!!

DAMMIT, you dumb woman!

I should have been more careful. I should have thought about him getting up in the night and quietly hunting for booze. If he hadn’t come to me with an empty bottle in his hand, asking me to help him, I would never have fucking known!!

Oh god …

In the car last night, on the way to the clinic, through red-hot tears and pungent whiskey breath, he said to me: “Oh Mom! Why did I DO this? I have fucked up my life!! I am going to have to stay there longer, I’m going to fail this year, I won’t get into university. My whole life is fucked!”


UPDATE: 09/08/08 10.30am

So the X has just arrived with Son#1 to fetch Son#2 for breakfast – he fetched our boy from the clinic and spoke to the counselor there (Tag Team Partner No.1).

The deal is that Son#1 is either in his dad’s care 100% of the time, or he’s at the clinic. He is not allowed to be here with me anymore because I, and I quote, “am obviously not strong enough to handle him.”


Do I like hearing those words?


Is it a true statement?

Not in my opinion, no.

Will I do what the professionals think is in the best interest of my child?