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StevenMcD’s comment just now reminded me that I do have some good stuff to focus on:

  • Even though my roof leaks, I am grateful to have one over my head
  • Even though there is sometimes not enough hot water for me in the mornings, I am grateful to have both hot and cold running water
  • Even though half the lights in my house don’t work and the plugs keep tripping, I am grateful to have electricity
  • Even though my garden looks like a war zone right now, I am grateful to have my little patch of green to hang out in
  • Even though I wear the evidence of pregnancy and birth on my skin, I am grateful that I was able to carry and give birth to 2 beautiful baby boys
  • Even though they sometimes drive me up the pole, I am grateful to be “Mom” to these very special children who let me love them completely
  • Even though my marriage ended up on the rocks, I am grateful for the times that it was good
  • Even though I have a very unhealthy relationship with food at the moment, I am grateful that I have enough to eat and that I can feed my children
  • Even though I am not happy with the weight and shape of my body, I am grateful that it is (relatively) healthy and that I have full use of all its parts
  • Even though I have more work than I can handle, I am grateful that I can earn a decent living and pay my staff each month
  • Even though I constantly feel the pressure of running my own business from my home, I am grateful that I work for myself and not anyone else
  • Even though my animals cost a lot to keep and shit all over the place,ย  I am grateful for their loyal company
  • Even though I only met her when I was 16, I am grateful that my Mom is now part of my life and that she always has my back when I need it
  • Even though I miss my Dad terribly now that he lives so far away, I am grateful that he is able to live as he wants to and is never more than a phone call away
  • Even though I don’t know where I’m going or how things will work out, I am grateful to have a future
  • Even though I go through some rough shit, I am grateful that I can always pick myself up again