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WOW, I am not touching sides today 🙁

I’ve been running around playing Mom’s Taxi, trawling through Cavendish Square again to find Son#1 some shoes to wear to the GF’s matric dance (decided to get a back-up tie as well, just in case he doesn’t like the one GF has organised – this boy is LANK fussy!!) and just generally doing the whole headless chicken thang!

My Inbox is too scary to look at, I’ve lost track of what’s happening in the cricket and I haven’t had a chance to eat anything yet!

I’m frantically trying to get the last bits ‘n bobs sorted in Son#1’s room before I have to run out and attend this afternoon’s Family Support session at the clinic.

My house looks like the proverbial bomb has hit it, what with all the stuff cleared out from my boy’s room still sitting around – I need to sort and toss.

And there’s bugger all food around, but I am not going to have time to go grocery shopping before tomorrow.

Sheesh … there just aren’t enough hours …

Rapidly running out of steam too! Think I need to break my coffee drought again (although my sore head ain’t gonna like that one.)

And off I go again … later xxx