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Hmmm … tagged again. Twice.

This time it’s the “7 Interesting Things About Me” game and I got hit by both Chris Mills and Wogan May!

Does this mean I now have to come up with 14 things??

Hoo Boy … this ain’t gonna be easy – between my About Me page and being Tagged for the Very First Time by SheBee, I’ve just about exhausted the topic of Me! But then again, being an Aries means I love to talk about me, so I’m sure I can manage … wahaha!!

Alrighty then, before I begin, let’s take a look at that word … INTERESTING.


A quick check on reveals the following definitions:

  • engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity: an interesting book.
  • arousing a feeling of interest: an interesting face.

– Synonyms

absorbing, entertaining. Interesting, pleasing, gratifying mean satisfying to the mind.

Something that is interesting occupies the mind with no connotation of pleasure or displeasure: an interesting account of a battle.

Something that is pleasing engages the mind favorably: a pleasing account of the wedding.

Something that is gratifying fulfills expectations, requirements, etc.: a gratifying account of his whereabouts; a book gratifying in its detail.

– Antonyms



Tough one … I’m supposed to come up with Interesting Things that are NOT dull, will please and gratify you, occupy your mind and fulfill your expectations … YIKES!!

Oh well, I can only do me best hey? Can’t please all of the people all of the time and all that =)

  1. I learned how to fly on a trapeze when I was in high school.
  2. I have no formal tertiary education … I always have to choose the “some other college” option when completing questionnaires. Although I matriculated with an exemption, I just didn’t feel the urge to waste my time on some arb degree or diploma that I would probably never actually use. So I landed up doing a secretarial course straight after school in ’89 – figured it was something that would always come in handy. I sucked! I still can’t type =) The only thing I did (ridiculously) well in was Word Processing. After that, in 1994 I did a 3-month DTP course.
  3. Everything I need to know, I teach myself.
  4. I have taught others though – I used to be a lecturer, if you can believe that. Yes, me. The Shyest Person On Earth used to make her living by standing up in front of a class full of students and teaching them how to use Macs, FreeHand, Quark and PhotoShop (waaay back in the day, before PS even had layers LOL) … and get this: I was pretty damn good at it!
  5. I designed and developed the first accredited Web Authoring course in the country.
  6. This is my the first website I ever built, the result of my very first dabble with the www … on good old Notepad =)
  7. I am good on a stage, I actually love performing =) (or I WAS good, should I say – haven’t done that for goodness knows how long!)
  8. I have double jointed fingers and I can move my eyes independently of each other – cool party trick haha
  9. I was well on my way to becoming a ballet dancer until sometime in high school, when Art kinda took over … I still miss dancing.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I went to the hairdresser.
  11. I don’t have any tattoos – I’ve thought about it many times and still do … and then I rapidly change my mind when the rather revolting image of a wrinkly old hag with body ink pops into my head.
  12. I absolutely ADORE dried mango and raw almond nuts (together) as a snack. I buy mine from Gabi’s in Access Park – Lekkerbek rules!
  13. I forget absolutely everything about a movie right about 5 minutes after I’ve watched it – damn frustrating!
  14. I am fascinated by people who are “different” – people who look different or think differently. I welcome the opportunities to see the world from another perspective, although I’m really stubborn so “different” also has to be “smart” to get my attention.

*whew* I did it!

There are no rules, so I’m not going to pass this one on to a whole bunch of folks … if you want to do it, be my guest. Pop your link into a comment on this post when you’re done.

I’m only tagging one person – Sir G! Welcome to the blogosphere Dude =)