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Snotting and sneezing all over the place.



Urgh … I’m feeling very sorry for myself today!

I’m aching all over and my head feels like it’s been cast in a Tarantino movie and is just waiting to explode all over the wall behind me.

I didn’t want to get up this morning (what’s new right?) but I’m up and about now. I have to finish off some coding and then I think I’m going to crawl back into bed with my bog roll. I need some rest, have to kill this thing. Pronto.

Our busy time is rapidly approaching and I CANNOT afford to be laid off! I mean, yesterday we got in 11 new applications for websites … ELEVEN!!!! And that’s not RFP’s – that’s I’ve-accepted-your-price-and-here’s-my-material sites. Lawd help us.

Just as well I don’t have to go out today. Mom’s Taxi Service is taking a break till Monday as Son#1 is playing in an international hockey tournament for a few days (go whip some Aussie Butt my boy!!) and Son#2 is still on holiday in the bush with his dad (miss you my Little Man).

So … let me get going. Later everyone xxx