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6.30am: Alarm gets smacked on the head … this is where I’ve dragged myself out of.
It’s still dark outside and I’m having a good grumble about having to get up, as usual =)

Stumble through to the kitchen to make school lunch for Son#1. Attempt to rouse him …

Back to bed to check what’s happening on Facebook and in Twitterville. Cuddle bunny wants love.

Go back to haul Son#1 out of bed. It’s 7.15am now … back to bed to wait for the bathroom.
Cuddle bunny immediately hops on top of me again.
My other Burmese baby joins in the morning love session =) Sweet hey?

7.45am: bathroom is finally free. Son#1 is off to school and I can jump into the tub.
There’s no light in the bathroom, hence the candle!

Back in my room, shoot … I STILL haven’t sorted out that box!

Stare blankly at my cupboard.
Complain to the universe that I have “absolutely NOTHING to wear!”

Eventually decide on something …

Quick check in the mirror to make sure I haven’t put my bra on over my top or something
(yes, I’ve done that before wahaha!)
Urgh … more boxes that need to be sorted …

8.30am: And this is the pooh part – I now have to spend an AGE drying my hair!

Time for the war paint *sigh* what a pain in the bum to have to do this every day.

Oh dear … Sir G has pulled up outside … I must be running late … AGAIN!


Mmk, I’m done with all the primping and preening – time to work …

Check out my To Do List *freak out*

Feeling a tad fluey – gonna have to take some of this …

Browse through my iTunes library, decide to kick the day off with some 3 Doors Down.
And off we go!!

That’s my morning so far =)