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I think it’s safe to say that my life at the moment is an absolute shambles.

I am busy updating my To Do List and so far I’ve filled up 2 A4 pages of (mostly personal) “stuff” I need to take care of … and I ain’t done yet! Why does the bloody thing only ever seem to get longer??

Some of these tasks are just a few words long and yet they represent hours, if not days of effort to complete. And this is aside from all the stuff I need to do on a daily basis just to keep things ticking over. It’s all important too – some of it is even critical – I can’t trim the list down, there’s nothing that I can scrap, it all just HAS to be done. And soon. How on earth am I going to manage?

It’s a bit overwhelming. Actually, it’s downright DAUNTING! Argh!

I’m not averse to asking for help and I’ll certainly do that where I can, but the problem is that most of these tasks are things that only I can deal with …

Hoo boy. Before my life was turned upside down a few years ago, I used to be Miss Organised, now I feel like things are totally out of control and it’s going to take a mammoth effort on my part to sort through it all and get back on top of everything. It is my own fault though, I can’t blame anyone else for this pickle … I’ve always been a chronic procrastinator and I’ve also had my head in the sand for a while now, avoiding tasks that I haven’t had the mental and physical energy to face. So now I’m looking up at a personal Mount Everest and wondering how I am ever going to get to the top. Stressing out a bit =(

Do you ever feel like this? How do you deal with it?