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Everyone, this is Kat.

Kat, this is everyone =)

Back in February of this year, I came across Kat’s personal blog at I can’t remember how I found it exactly, but I had never read a personal blog before and I was really quite moved by how open and real she was in her writing.

The other thing that struck me at the time was how much I had in common with her – she’s about my age, a divorced mom raising 2 teenage boys, working from home, someone who loves music and cats, experiencing what appeared to be ups and downs very similar to my own. Yes, there were definitely issues that we have different opinions about, but so much of her life seemed to be a reflection of mine and I could relate to many things that she wrote about.

When I found her blog writings (which she’s been doing for over 10 years now) she was venting about her frustrations with the boys and the physical pain and mental exhaustion she was going through. I have since discovered that her physical pain is on a level much higher than mine and is the result of scoliosis and subsequent recent spinal surgery. (She now has a titanium rod the size of France in her back and she is in a lot of pain.)

But I digress.

Her blog touched me. I have wanted to write for many years and have never known quite how to do it. A novel seemed too intimidating, a journal seemed boring and non-fiction seemed crazy (what the hell do I know about anything?) Seeing her blog and what she was writing about provided just the spark I needed to finally get into my own writing.

And so I created justB[coz].

It is as a direct result of Kat’s personal blog that I found the inspiration I needed to start my own blog and use this space for anything and everything I wanted to write about. My very first post credited her with providing the spark of enthusiasm I needed to get going with this personal venture. Unlike Kat though, and as an aside, I don’t intend to make any money from justB[coz] – any reviews I write here are entirely off my own bat and I receive no compensation at all. Kat is unfortunately not able to go out and work so she relies on her blog for income and I admire her greatly for that. She is a survivor and she does the very best she can with what she has.

This lady has a special place in my heart. I still keep up with her writing as much as I can and support her to the best of my ability.

So you can imagine my delighted surprise when I got home from the birthday bash last night (which was very cool BTW) to find that Kat had left a comment on my blog! A beautiful, encouraging comment that was full of warmth and wisdom. I was ecstatic, and incredibly honored that the person responsible for setting me off on the blog path had come to visit my little space and taken the time to write a message to me.

I’m very chuffed! I just had to share that with you and let you know who she is and what she means to me =)