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Mmk, I don’t know WHAT came over me last night, but I had a very rare and completely out-of-character Domestic Urge.

Sir G was completely knackered last night after work (we had both worked till midnight the night before and didn’t get enough sleep) and he didn’t want to drive all the way home, so I said he could crash here. Of course, he didn’t have clean clothes so I actually offered to do a load of laundry for him??!!

And then I clicked that there wasn’t any food in the house, so I dashed out to the shop at about 7pm to grab something for us to eat and lawd knows why but I decided what the hell, I’m here, I may as well do The Dreaded Weekly Grocery Shop!

So I did … and let me tell you, shopping on a Tuesday night is the bomb! No fights for parking, no-one getting in my way while I’m whizzing around the aisles (I didn’t have to ram my trolley into anyone’s bum for a change wahah!), no queues at the check out … bliss =)

I got home, unloaded the bags, unpacked everything, spotted the sink of dirty dishes and … wait for it … I washed up! Seriously.

Then I even made dinner – ok so I just warmed up the meals in the microwave, but I don’t cook (if you read the About Me page, you’ll know why).

3 Of my domestic pet hates killed in one night and all in record breaking time too! Bizarreness.

Oh, BTW, do NOT call me Martha Stewart! Apart from the fact that I am the world’s greatest domestic un-goddess, I really can’t stand the woman – she’s so not likeable, completely anal and super creepy … Brrrrgh.