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Oh dear … my driveway gate has been playing games recently – sometimes not opening properly, not closing, opening and closing on its own – funny stuff.

Anyway, last night after work, Sir G was pulling out of the driveway and he opened the gate with the remote as per normal, or so he thought, and proceeded to reverse his car out the driveway. Problem was, the gate hadn’t actually opened all the way, only about a meter or so, so he backed right into it! I think (hope) his car is ok. But the gate is screwed. It’s completely bent and off its rails. It doesn’t open or close anymore, it’s just stuck halfway open. We tried to bend it back, but it’s solid metal so we got nowhere (duh!).

Shame, he felt so crap about it and he didn’t want to leave me here on my own last night with the gate stuck open like that so halfway home he decided to turn around and come back to stay over and make sure I was ok. And he immediately started paging through the Yellow Pages to find someone to come around to see the damage and hopefully fix it asap. It’s a dodgy security situation – I’ve already had some arb people walking into my front garden to come and chat to me through the window this morning! Jeesh … let’s hope we can get it sorted today. He’s made some calls and two people have said they’ll be over to have a look a bit later.

He still feels angry at himself for not looking before he reversed. But it was an accident Sir G, it’s not the end of the world. I know I had a little cry when you came back last night, but it really wasn’t over the silly gate, I promise. It was just a reaction to cumulative stress about shit going wrong with the house all the time, about feeling a little overwhelmed with responsibility at the moment. I’ll be fine. Thank you for trying to get it sorted xxx