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OMG, could today actually get any better for this Cowgrrrl?

Methinks not …

Eric, the man behind has just personally delivered all my totally funky new Tshirts!!

I asked him to put together a surprise package for me (you can read about that here) and I am so NOT disappointed with the fab selection. They are super-duper!

I gathered the troops and told them all to claim what they wanted and everyone is really happy with their new Tees – especially Son#1 who just thrives on wearing fresh originals. And these particular designs have only been in the country Cape Town* for 3 hours, so you don’t get more fresh than that! Son#2 made his choice and immediately went out skateboarding to show off his new threads =)

Thanks Eric. Thanks Springleap. Very happy cow-stomer.

I think this calls for a drinkie-poo to celebrate!

* Edited after being Eric reminded me that his products are Proudly South African.