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You know you’re a web junkie when the first thing you do after opening your eyes in the morning is reach out for your phone to get online … even before you light your first smoke for the day.

So I smack my alarm clock on the head at 6.40am and immediately grab my phone so I can log in to my Twitter account to quickly check out who’s around and what’s happening before I have to stumble down to the kitchen to make the boys’ school lunches.

And there is a tweet by Rafiq (Web AddiCT and MXit man who has, just by the by, been up since like 4am this morning … oh, to be a spring chicken again!), a tweet that gets my brain ticking and reminds me that I have a oh-so-much to learn. He quite simply states: Trackbacks are super.

Hmmm …

Now I’ve seen bloggers post trackbacks on their sites before, but I haven’t really paid much attention to them. Perhaps I should … I don’t really know what they are except that I’m supposed to use them to link back to a post (?) I’m not sure why though. Surely it doesn’t make SEO sense to do this? Do all WordPress themes support this? How do I implement it on my site? Should I even bother? Questions, questions and more questions.

I need to find some answers, dig around and get to the bottom of the trackback issue …

So that’s my new mission. That, and trying to figure out how to dress for this really shitty Cape Town weather without looking like a complete frump!

If anyone has any useful info to pass my way (about trackbacks, not winter fashion), please let me have it!

Hope you all have a good one …

(Why White Wednesday? Dunno, it’s just a reference to the color I’ve always associated with this particular day of the week… yesterday was aqua, tomorrow is purple-grey …)