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Seriously … it’s everywhere and I’m over it already. I just don’t see what all the hype is about. (Actually, I can’t see much of anything right now – I stupidly stuck my mascara brush in my eye this morning while trying to text from my phone and now it’s damn sore and everything looks a bit blurry.)

All I have to say is bravo to the Apple marketing team – they have once again done an outstanding job of reeling in all the trendies =)

Moving on …

Now, THIS is more my cuppa, the Nokia N96 – a real sexy little numba:

And then there’s also the new E-series:

I’m a Nokia fan. I’ve had a Nokia handset right from the early brick days, apart from the time I tried out a Motorolla MPX 220 for a while and completely hated it. My current N95 is a fantastic phone (I just need to upgrade the firmware) – I love the 5MP camera (one of 2 cameras on the phone!), the radio, the media player, easy connectivity, all the functional apps and cool games I now have on it, and the GPS is pretty awesome too.

OK, ‘nuff about phones. I need to eat and get some work done before I head off to gym just now.