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Man oh man, I am so sore and stiff today! Yesterday, I decided to get away from the madness that is work at the moment and hit the gym for an hour. I hadn’t been for a week and I really needed to work off some of the excess calories consumed from eating far too much crap recently. I don’t do the classes thing or running on the treadmill – I’m not one of those cardio bunnies – give me free weights and the leg press any day over bikes and stepping machines or those revolting orbital cross trainer hell-machines.

Anyway, I rushed off during lunchtime (lunchtime? No, not really, that’s just wishful thinking on my part) to have a training session with my Personal Torturer. I swear, that horrible man tried to squeeze in all the sets and accumulated weight I had missed out on over the week! I had to remind him that I may look young for my age, but I definitely ain’t no spring chicken no more! When you’re fast approaching the big four-oh, things start to hurt a bit, you know what I mean?? Sheesh, he really pushed me, I was FINISHED!

And today I am some serious pain – my arms are so stiff, I can hardly type and I’ve got that ridiculous ballerina-cowboy thing happening, where you have to walk on tippy toes with your legs turned out =) But I have to admit, it feels excellent to be sore again. I know I’ve had a good workout when my muscles are screaming in agony the next day, and it feels great. I hope I can recover before tomorrow though – I have an 11am session with that nasty man and he shows no mercy!