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OMG! I’ve just had a brainwave!!

My previous post had me rambling on about looking for a new WordPress theme, my plans to teach myself how to create my own themes in the future, how it could benefit my Clients businesses, blah blah blah …

I’m such an idiot! What about MY business??

There’s a large part of my business that would benefit enormously from having a blog attached to it! It could easily be used to keep our audience informed of new developments, it would provide additional exposure for our existing Clients, it would help encourage potential new Clients to climb on board with us, it would allow us to branch into other, related avenues of the business AND we could generate additional revenue through advertising.

Why on earth didn’t I think of this earlier? Somebody slap me please …

OK, in my own defence, I have been horribly out of the whole web loop for a while. Jeeesh …. things have progressed so much and so quickly. ACK! It’s all rather frightening. I won’t go into any gory personal details here and now, but let’s just say that I let things slide for a while and now I have a LOT of catching up to do to get back on top of things.