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Fick. Fack. Feck. Need to have a little vent …. My ex has done it again – messed things up for me, and the boys.

You see, I don’t get to go out very often. In fact, if I go out once a month, it’s a lot. If I go out twice a month, my social life is overdrive! When I actually do have plans to go out and do something other than gym or grocery shopping, it’s a big deal for me. And the boys only get to be with their dad every alternate weekend and perhaps one night during the week, if he’s not working.

This weekend, I’ve hit the jackpot – TWO invitations for dinner! I’ve been psyching myself up for over a week already, trying to generate some adrenaline to combat my fatigue and pain so that when the weekend rolls around, I’m mentally prepared to have a good time.

So there I am, all geared up and excited to go out and relax, knowing that the boys are going to be with their dad and I’m going to have a bit of a break. (I love my kids to death, but I do need some time out occasionally, you know what I mean?) I emailed him to find out what time he’s going to fetch the kids on Friday, because sometimes he gets here really late. And he replies to say: “Sorry, I’m away on business this weekend, and I’m away the whole of next week too.” AAARRRGHH!! Thanks for letting me know, thanks for letting us all down … AGAIN!

He keeps doing this to us – messing us around, inconveniencing me and sending out a clear message to the boys that his work is more important than them! I know he’s a big shot at his work, I know he works hard and he’s all very important and all that, but really, this is just not on anymore …