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Just kidding …. The beautiful man in my life, Sir G, has told me he’s going to start his own blog. Lately, he’s been feeling like he needs to let loose on some creative level and the guy does have a degree in media and writing, so I guess a blog is perfect for him.

I’ve pointed him towards to go and register a username and set up a site. After all the research I’ve done into blogging software, I think WordPress is one of the best out there in terms of features and ease of use.

I’m not sure if he’s going to make his new blog public or not, we’ll see.  Hmmm, if he does, I think I’m gonna be put to shame! And although he’s told me that it’s going to just be “his thing”, that he has no intention of doing anything other than just jotting down his thoughts, we are both really competitive and I guess I’m a little worried that this could grow into something that could come between us. On the other hand, it could also turn out to be a good thing – another common interest that we share, so I shouldn’t stress, right?

Writing comes very naturally to Sir G (lucky bugger), he has a wide range of interests and he also doesn’t think like anyone else I know, so I am looking forward to reading the ramblings from inside his head – this man is so out the box, I love it =)