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I’ve decided not to go to gym today. I’m still behind on work and I can’t really afford to give up those 2 hours, not right now. Jeesh, all those public holidays and being sick have seriously wrecked things. I may try and get some light cardio in on the weekend, just spend 20 or 30 minutes walking on the treadmill or something, but the weather forecast is very bleak for the next couple of days and it may not be clever for me to venture out into the cold, get all hot and sweaty and then cold again, not until I’m 100% healthy … dunno. I may just dash out to buy some wood and get the fire going soon. Winter is definitely here! Time for lots of reading, movies, knitting, and snuggling of course =)

Heard a couple of rumours:

And here’s a fun website! Check it out.

Mmk, so I can’t stick around for much longer now, have to get some work killed before the kids get home from school. I’ll be back …